Footdrop is a condition usually caused by injury to the common peroneal nerve. It affects walking because of the inability to lift the forefoot and toes off the ground. It may be caused by trauma to the nerves, tumours of the nerves, or previous surgery for other problems. 

There are varied ways to address footdrop. These include an in-shoe splint called an ankle foot orthosis, tendon transfers, nerve transfers, or joint arthrodesis. The best approach for footdrop in any individual patient needs to be decided after a consultation and examination. The approach can depend on the duration of the weakness and patient preferences.

Scheduling a consultation with A/Prof Ferris is appropriate for anyone with footdrop. Any completed investigations, including MRI, CT, plain Xray, and EMG or nerve conduction studies should be brought to the consultation. As some reconstructions are only possible within the first three to twelve months after injury, early referral is desirable.

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