What To Expect On Your First Visit

At your first consultation we will ask you to complete a Patient Registration Form, and if your consultation is related to a nerve injury you will also be asked to fill out a Questionnaire. Both of these forms are available to download on our website to complete and bring with you if you wish to fill them in at home.

Please bring with you your referral letter and any results you have if they have not been already forwarded.

Please read the part of the website that relates to your medical issue, as this may answer a few queries or raise some questions you may like to ask.

During your consultation you will be asked about a detailed history.

If your consultation may involve examining your head or neck please avoid wearing make-up on the relevant area.

Sometimes a second consultation is scheduled for the more complex medical issues to give you time to reflect on information provided and to be able to ask any further questions.

If your consultation results in you needing surgery, you will be guided to our bookings room where our nurse will go over all admission details and paperwork with you. A date will be discussed and arranged for your surgery.

Inpatient surgery is commonly performed at St Vincent’s Private Hospital East Melbourne, and sometimes at The Alfred Hospital. Any out of pocket expenses will be clearly discussed before your surgery. We strongly believe patients need to be clearly informed of this before any treatment begins.

If a video or photograph is needed you will be asked for consent first. These may be used for your comparative medial history, or for education and research purposes.

Please write down any questions you may have prior to your appointment.

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